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Job in China (Zunyi)

We are looking for new teachers and a new director to join us by March 1st here in Zunyi, in the Guizhou Province of China!

Zunyi, China

Job Description

We are hiring for new positions with our training school for the coming semester.

Teaching position:
This would primarily be with kindergarten through high school learners, however we may need some help with adult 1-to-1 classes as well. So there could be some overlap in duties. We provide help from fluent bilingual Chinese teaching assistants in all classes. We will provide quality materials, guidance, and support for planning curriculum. We really focus on developing strong verbal communication skills because the local public schools are largely lacking in this skill set. We are not just in it for the money; we genuinely strive to give our students a quality education.
We also have a partnership with Tsinghua Private School here in Zunyi, so some teachers will teach some classes at this high school. These are primarily to expose students there to foreigners and the sounds of native speakers. So they donφt involve any HW or grading. Typically two PowerPoint-centered lesson plans per week are taught to multiple 40-minute classes. These also come with a TA in all classes and a private driver who picks up and drops off staff.

Foreign Director/Teacher:
This position is twofold. It is a teaching position that is weighted towards high school and adult learners (college, business, etc.). See above for details. But it also entails management duties, including but not limited to planning/overseeing teacher meetings, planning curriculum, scheduling classes, planning special events, coordinating with Tsinghua Private School, prospective student intake interviews, collaborating with advertising, and hiring. As would be expected, this position requires strong problem-solving skills and patience, flexibility and creativity.
We never overload our teachers with classes; most likely you would see around 4 classes a day, with an absolute max of 6 on the busiest days (generally weekends), although no one is teaching more than 18 classes a week currently. We guarantee 2 consecutive days off a week, and are flexible and reasonable with accommodating vacation and travel days. You'll find that in general we are much more reasonable to work with than many local employers. We like to have fun, and our work environment reflects this. Our staff is young and friendly, and everyone here gets along really well, so we hope to continue with this sense of camaraderie!
The job includes quite nice, conveniently located free accommodations complete with all utilities including high speed internet and either help with incoming flights or a 1,000USD contract completion bonus. The FD position comes with an extra large top floor corner suite. We will handle all visa costs and logistics.
Teachers: The starting baseline pay is 9,500RMB (more for experienced teachers), which for Guizhou province is like making 20,000+RMB in Shanghai/Beijing/etc.
Foreign Director: The starting baseline pay is 12,000RMB, which is extremely competitive in this province.
The cost of living here is truly affordable, and teachers can easily save 40-60% of their income and live quite well, more if they're really trying. We have some teachers that routinely save 75% of their income.

About you:
Energetic, enthusiastic, with an outgoing personality and a good sense of adventure! Must love young children for the kindergarten position (obviously) and must be invested in delivering a quality educational experience. We strongly prefer candidates with at least two years teaching experience, and would give preference to holders of TEFL certifications or relevant education degrees. For the FD position management experience is a very strong plus! If this sounds like you, please contact me ASAP!

About Zunyi:
Get off the beaten path and see the real China! This city of around 2 million is much less westernized than most. It is still thriving, but has kept a lot of local flavor! The locals are known for their relaxed and friendly attitudes, and their love of socializing, drinking, and eating endless amounts of delicious (usually spicy) foods, often into the wee hours of the morning. The old town here was where Mao was first made leader of the CPC and has kept much of its old character. Set amongst striking mountains, Zunyi is adjacent to great natural scenery and outdoor activities. Multiple temples, monkey filled forests, massive tea plantations and the ruins of an ancient kingdom (a UNESCO world heritage site) are all within easy reach. It never gets too hot in the summer, and never gets cold enough to snow in the winter. It is extremely affordable compared to most parts of the country. A meal from among the infinite street side restaurants averages 8-12RMB (6.9RMB = $1) and beers out and about that would cost you 45-60RMB in the bigger cities run you 18-25RMB here. Groceries, taxis, clothes, etc. are similarly much cheaper than in the east coast cities. It is impossibly easy to save.
I am the current Foreign Director, and I am American. Our Chinese owner is also American educated, so we can offer better-than-average support and communication here. No confusion, no bait-and-switch, no misdirection! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about the job or the city, I'm quick to respond!


Location : Zunyi, China


Required level of English:
Native speaker
Certification required:
no certification

This job is not active anymore